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Connect the dots and follow the $$$

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“The reorganization of Newark into a two-tiered system of segregated charters and public schools was conceived using funds provided by Eli Broad. Interns paid by Broad came up with the plan to disenfranchise citizens in Camden and elsewhere. Broad paid for a consultant to reorganize the NJDOE; he also got the NJDOE to install one of the graduates of his book club unaccredited superintendents “academy” as the superintendent of Jersey City.”

Just for giggles, take a look at the new members recently appointed to the Broad Foundation :

Wendy Kopp
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Teach For America

Paul Pastorek 
Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Counsel and Corporate Secretary, EADS North America
Former Superintendent of Education, State of Louisiana

And, of course, guess who is a graduate of the Broad Superintendents Academy?

Yep…our very own John White, who wants to move beyond teacher evaluations and student test scores. Now, Superintendent John White believe students should be able to choose classes with an “a la carte” program because “schools are too confining; they trap students in chairs”:

“Louisiana plans to cut funding for each public school by about $1,300 for each class a student takes from an outside vendor. But many of the vendors charge far less; their average fees, to be paid by the state, are just $800.”

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